Blog 2012 February

Some things to look out for…

I’ve been looking out for snow for almost all of this winter but it seems I’m fated when it comes to finding snow to work with this year: after a busy and enjoyable week up in Scotland watching snow fall in Venice while there was none in the Cairngorms I returned last weekend to find it falling all around the county but not in my home town of Newport!  We had some great weather up there (as Facebook followers of Wild Shropshire will have seen) but Sunday back home was grey and miserable so unusually uninspiring and by Monday it was only slush to be found around and about.  Now it seems we’re in for more and I’m off to Florida for a fortnight for some wetlands and other bird photography running a trip with Natures Images.  Hey ho – can’t have it all, but I did enjoy a monochrome moment earlier this week in the lingering frost and mist at my local woods.

Aside from the snow you’ll be able to enjoy photographically while I’m not around there’s a few other things you might want to look out for in the coming weeks too.

I was asked by local magazine Country and Border Life (who I used to freelance for quite regularly a number of years ago and who have used a number of my images on their covers in years past too) to give an interview about my photographic career and some additional insights into the wild Shropshire book as well as the tales behind some of the images in it.  It’s on the shelves this month so if you’re interested in seeing some of the material from the book and reading a bit more about yours truly then look out for it.

Almost next door on the shelf my monthly column in The Shropshire magazine (that’s my Goosander in the top right of the cover below) this month covers the winter survival strategies that our wildlife adopts – hibernation and migration being at the heart of this (I guess the latter is what I’m doing heading off to Florida!).

Finally and while I’m away there are some great events taking place in what’s school half term next week with the Darwin Festival taking place in Shrewsbury.  Shropshire wildlife Trust are at the forefront of a number of these including the headline talk next Friday from TV’s Nick Baker who I met last year when he was handing out the prizes at the British Wildlife Photography Awards.  As long as his voice has recovered (he was struggling that night) then his enthusiasm and passion will be great fun to listen too for sure.

You can find more details about the festival and his talk in this booklet (it’s in Country and Border Life too) and by visiting the Wildlife Trust’s web page here:

Hope some of you manage to make it to an event or two.