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The Shropshire Magazine

Just a quick post to flag the new Wild Shropshire column in The Shropshire Magazine which gets under way in the December issue and is now on the shelf.  There’s a full 3 page article and 8 images most of which are additional to the content of the book too – aside from the shot of yours truly that’s far too prominent for my liking!

This first feature tees up the whole Wild Shropshire project and over the coming months I’ll be focussing on certain events or topics in the natural world occuring here in the county during that month or season – all amply illustrated by plenty of images.

I’d like to thank Neil Thomas the editor for giving me the opportunity to work with them on this – it’s a bit of a dream come true opportunity to have a regular feature like this and I’m full of ideas for the issues ahead – a good job too as January’s submission has already gone and I’m working on February already!  No clues as to what they are about though so look out for the magazine around the county.

Yes that’s my Dormouse up there in the corner on the cover too!