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Celebrity Robin?

One of my local Robins who I spent quite some time photographing last winter is currently getting the sort of media coverage that many a so-called celebrity would be quite happy with!  After a front-cover appearance on the December issue of Birdwatching he’s out again this month on the front cover of Digital SLR magazine.


This time though the image is as a lead in to a lead feature that I was asked to produce for the magazine that was all about giving some hints and tips for winter nature photography with an emphasis on local opportunities – something that Wild Shropshire is all about!

Whilst I wouldn’t want to précis the article here as it’s only just gone on shelf it covers some things to consider in terms of garden bird photography, what to consider with winter landscapes, visiting local ponds and parks and some advice on keeping your whites white when (or in the case of this winter if) the snow comes.  It was also a good excuse to get plenty more Shropshire images out on more general view!

These conditions seem an all to distant memory as the wind and the rain continue again today so this years Robin will have to hope for his celebrity status with an apple grower or supermarket later this year instead!