Blog reflection

Changing autumnal colours

Autumn is one of the best seasons to be out with a camera in my view – whether it’s berries bursting in the hedgerows, mists sitting in the valleys, fungi poking up from the leaf litter or those rich golden colours to be found in the woodlands then there always seems to be an opportunity for a moody and atmospheric image.

This year however has been quite a bit different from the norm though - incredibly mild (I think I’ve only had to think about scraping ice off the car windscreen once), until the last week or so very dry indeed (my local pond has never been so low in terms of water level) and as a consequence so many things have been delayed (birds on the garden feeders for instance) or not even happened at all (fungi…what fungi?) that it’s certainly thrown a number of ideas and projects I had in mind completely off course.

But that’s the nature of nature as they say – things aren’t totally predictable, they do change and as a photographer one has to be responsive to these things as after all it’s the independence of the natural world that is arguably it’s greatest attraction. What price a blizzard next week then?