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It may be wet….

….but there are still some aspects of the natural world to be found in and around the county that are taking full advantage of the fact that the ground is moister and the atmosphere cooler than we might have expected or wanted this summer, and I’m not just talking about the enormous toad who had crawled into a bag of compost in my garden that I discovered over the weekend!

I wrote an article for this month’s edition of The Shropshire Magazine about the array of Orchids to be found in these summer months and these conditions seem to have really benefitted these exotic, elegant and absorbing flowers this year.  A matter of days after returning from a long trip to Svalbard and spending the 24 hour daylight in search of Polar Bears, I found myself back last week in the rains of Shropshire running a macro photography workshop day with Orchids high on the agenda (it really wasn’t the conditions for butterflies for sure although we still had some success on that front).

Each species 0of which we enjoy many here) does have a distinct season, but I was particularly pleased to find not only really good numbers of our main targets, but also some that I might reasonably have expected to have finished flowering still on the scene. So here’s a Common Spotted, an extremely scented Fragrant and a very showy Marsh Helleborine as just some of the days highlights and proof if ever it were needed that there are always images and opportunities to be found if you’re prepared to brave the elements: thanks to Penny, Cathy, Debbie and Graham for doing so too!


Some things to look out for…

I’ve been looking out for snow for almost all of this winter but it seems I’m fated when it comes to finding snow to work with this year: after a busy and enjoyable week up in Scotland watching snow fall in Venice while there was none in the Cairngorms I returned last weekend to find [...]

The Shropshire Magazine

Just a quick post to flag the new Wild Shropshire column in The Shropshire Magazine which gets under way in the December issue and is now on the shelf.  There’s a full 3 page article and 8 images most of which are additional to the content of the book too – aside from the shot of [...]