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A bit of Puffin Fun!

Much of the project work I’m doing at the moment is taking me away from the local area so it’s been a bit quiet in terms of new posts on here in the last few weeks, but I thought you might enjoy this little video that I enjoyed setting up and taking with my new GoPro a couple of weeks back – gives some clues on what the latest work involves too!

Make sure you have the sound turned up when you listen to it too!

Changing Colours

If you’ve been following Wild Shropshire on Facebook (and if you haven’t you’ll find lots more ad hoc and up to date images on a regular basis) you’ll know that once again this Spring I was seduced by the local Great-Crested Grebes.They have been very late nesting this year in comparison to last, and so [...]

Osprey Heaven

The recent spell of warm weather we are in right now confirms that Spring is most definitely here after an all too dry and mild winter; last week I even saw my first summer migrant of the year in the form of a sand martin that stopped in for a drink at one of the [...]

Some things to look out for…

I’ve been looking out for snow for almost all of this winter but it seems I’m fated when it comes to finding snow to work with this year: after a busy and enjoyable week up in Scotland watching snow fall in Venice while there was none in the Cairngorms I returned last weekend to find [...]

Wrekin Housing Trust

One of the things I was always particularly keen to do when embarking on the Wild Shropshire project, was to try to engage as many people as possible who either live, work or visit the county. The aim was simply of increasing their awareness of the wildlife and wild places we are lucky to have [...]

Beyond Shropshire..

This isn’t strictly Shropshire related, but following on from some photographic success in the British Wildlife Photography Awards earlier this year when I won the Video category with a short film following a family of Great Crested Grebes in Telford, I have this week learned that I have been awarded the overall winners prize in [...]

The Shropshire Magazine

Just a quick post to flag the new Wild Shropshire column in The Shropshire Magazine which gets under way in the December issue and is now on the shelf.  There’s a full 3 page article and 8 images most of which are additional to the content of the book too – aside from the shot of [...]

A garden favourite

All photographers get a buzz from seeing their images in print, especially when it’s been chosen by others (who have a huge choice from which to make their selections these days) and even more so when it’s that all important cover shot; it has the extra responsibility to help “sell” the publication! It was therefore a nice [...]

Changing autumnal colours

Autumn is one of the best seasons to be out with a camera in my view – whether it’s berries bursting in the hedgerows, mists sitting in the valleys, fungi poking up from the leaf litter or those rich golden colours to be found in the woodlands then there always seems to be an opportunity for [...]

Welcome to Wild Shropshire

Welcome to Wild Shropshire!  It’s a brand new project, a brand new book and a brand new blog too which I’ll be doing my best to keep interesting, involving and informative over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully you’ll have got a flavour of the sort of wildlife and nature photography that forms the basis [...]