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Welcome to Wild Shropshire

Welcome to Wild Shropshire!  It’s a brand new project, a brand new book and a brand new blog too which I’ll be doing my best to keep interesting, involving and informative over the coming weeks and months.

Hopefully you’ll have got a flavour of the sort of wildlife and nature photography that forms the basis of my working life as you’ve looked around the site or possibly even bought the new book already; you may well have come here having come across my images elsewhere.  Along with this project with Shropshire Wildlife Trust, very dear to my heart as in spite of the fact I do travel quite a bit with my work, photographing locally always allows me more time to get into the characteristics and personalities of the subjects I’m working with and that tends to result in the most insightful images and engaging experiences as well.

The best way I can illustrate this really is with the following video which recently won the video category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards

I spent most of last Spring with this particular family of Great Crested Grebes, a mere 10 minutes or so from my home, and had got to know them, their incredible bond as a couple as well as their highly skilled parenting abilities, the challenges of the first days of life faced by their chicks, the constant interference they faced from other birds in the vicinity and ultimately the successful fledging and departure of their young.

I wasn’t just filming but taking plenty of still images as well and here’s a couple that hopefully take you into their world in the same way that I was able to immerse every morning.

Part of what Wild Shropshire is all about as a project is getting other residents of this overlooked but truly beautiful county to enjoy their photography of our natural assets too.  To that end as well as the various talks, exhibitions and slideshows that I’ll be running over the coming months and my brand new column in The Shropshire Magazine that will be starting this December, I’ll be using this blog to let you know of some of the things I’m working on locally as well as giving you some ideas to be considering for your own photography too – all of which will hopefully inspire some of you to enter the new Wild Shropshire Photography Competition we’re launching elsewhere on this website.

Please feel free to add your comments or ask any questions after this or any other post, drop us an e-mail at or come and find me at one of the many talks or events in the coming weeks: it’ll be great to share my passion for Shropshire’s wildlife with as many fellow photographers and nature lovers as I can.